Bring your vision into reality!

I am here to offer you a broad diversity of technical and creative skills and services, providing you with constructive feedback and productivity.

Explore some of what I love doing, and discover how I can serve your needs.


Landscape design and permaculture services will help your yard or property work with and welcome nature’s abundant and resilient flow. Patterns abound, and learning how to live in-grain with them will increase blooms, crop yields, creature comforts and free time.

Rainwater harvesting consultation
and landscaping water budget assessments are great tools to both conserve your water usage and enhance your property sustainably! On-site visits and consultations are available, along with in-depth property surveys, drawings and statistics of your considered site. Slow, spread and sink water on your property with my help and enjoy a lush oasis and fruitful abundance year-round!

Web development services
and custom business applications are the heartbeat of the internet. I offer custom design and programming for your business and personal needs, in a flexible and accommodating fashion to tailor your needs within your budget and timeline. Search engine optimization and mobile-friendly, responsive design are also an important and valuable consideration to keep your website up to date. Craft your next development strategy with me by your side.

Creative copywriting, editing and publishing services
I offer you can elevate your products and services to a new level. Represent your brand and identity with distinction in your communities by crafting a message that invites patron retention and welcomes new customers, clients and guests. Organizations may also benefit from my grant writing experience and focused program descriptions to help deliver your message to your target audiences.

Business marketing and outreach services
I offer you can bring your business to the forefront of your audience’s attention. With captivating services like social media marketing, email newsletter campaigns, print media and targeted advertising services, you will notice the increased traffic to your business whether it be digitally or in reality. Connect with me today to see how we can expand your outreach together.

Creative construction and mechanical projects
I find joy in offering you include: woodworking and carpentry; natural, earthen building and finishes; general vehicle maintenance and small engine servicing; home, building and property maintenance; basic plumbing and electrical service; and even technical scale drawings for renovations and new build-outs. Contact me to find out how my construction and mechanical skills can help you bring your vision into reality!